Couples /Yoni Massage

 Couple in love

for women and couples services in Bangkok.

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Massage for man & lady.
Massage for man & Lady boy

If You and your Lover want to try more fun and excitement.

I can do an oil massage for both.

I have as special technique for man and woman

You don't have to hide when u need a massage,

Because you are scared of  your wife/girlfriend.

Price for 2 people 2 hours 

4,000 baht.

My time service 

start 9 am-Stop Mid night.

Last Booking 8 pm )

How to work Couples Massage.

Start woman first make her relax for massage and then make her turn on 
By play her pussy and man come to make love kiss, hug, play her boobs, 
I still work massage (not stop).
And then …………..

Let’s you know in real better.

*Remark Couples massage 
Don’t Lick pussy woman.

*Before contact me please read my rules.


A Yoni massage is designed for women by women. A full body massage to start with ensures that the recipient is more relaxed and can open her body to receive the Yoni massage. It can be an intense, emotional experience, where the client remains passive and is deeply connected to herself, her mind remains still.

The Yoni massage can clear sexual blockages (if any) and increases the recipient's sexual confidence. Her sacred space is worshipped by her through the giver's mind, hands and intention. there is no rush and each woman reacts differently. Some perceive it as a nice relaxing experience, others as a breakthrough into their fears, traumas and emotional insecurities.

Whatever the issue you want to experience a Yoni Massage for, talk to the therapist prior to session. Every woman is different and should be treated as such.


Yoni massage 2 Hours 4,000 Bath 
( For woman )

Couples Massage 2 Hours 4,000 Baht 
( For woman + man )

No Blowjob
No sex Escort 
No sex massage
No body to body

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Hello Ladies  and Gentelmen.

Welcome to tease and denial.

I'm going to teach you how to drive your man crazy.

Your first homework is to do bring your husband to the 

edge or orgasm 4-5 times tonight without making him cum.

Tomorrow you will share with the class how he felt about it.

Some teasing and denial, flashing, teasing also games, 

dares and  ideas. in most part this site is female or couple 

friendly and it could give you some kinky ideas!

You want dares that are made just for you? You feel kinky and you don't to decide what will happen in your bedroom?

Ask me in private what you want. Visit the interactive section if you don't know what to ask!

Please, I'm not interested in sending dares and ideas to male alone. 
Couples only!

Prepare for start teasing and denial

- Sexyness

- Her clothing

- General appreciation

- Male appreciation of the sex session

- The final cum shot ( where, how, beauty of it )

- Her capacity to control his orgasms ( orgasm in less than 15 minute mean losing points )

Her student doing a boobjob is your husband, she's    

actually learning how to tease you the brink of insanity. 

She's also learning your body language so she's able to stop 

her teasing always closer and closer to your orgasm!

Her final test will be to keep you on the edge of orgasm for 

a week without making you cum...

She know you always had a crush for her and she is a tease. 

You probably have no chance to fuck her but she's giving 

you a nice view.

 Loving tease and denial you are a sexually opened mind 

guy who found a very sexually opened girl who want to join 

you in your fantasy. I bet he is very happy to give her the 

full control of his orgasms.

A list of teasing ideas

I think we could use this post to create a huge list of 

tease, denial and ruined orgasms ideas 

Non nude tease :

 Make out for a long time and keep your clothes on.
 Wear sexy lingerie and don't take it off for any reason.
 Masturbate loudly in front of him while he is blindfolded.
 Masturbate with your hand over your clothes or under while he watch.
 Perform a striptease, but blindfold him before removing your underwear.
 Wear very sexy or provocative clothes while you are going out with him.
 Touch him through his clothes for a while with your  feet, hands or any other body part.
 Start a striptease, but when you are about to take your underwear off, stop and your clothes back on.
 Dirty talking obviously ( Tell him that he is not allowed to see your body, but describe him everything that you would do if he was allowed to watch you ).

Nude tease ( no sexual stimulation for him ):

 Pussy eating, face sitting.
 Masturbate while he watch.
 Perform a striptease or a lapdance.
 Let him lick all your body except your pussy, ass or tits.
 Watch porn together, you can masturbate while he watch.
 In the 69 position, let him please you but don't touch his sex.
 Let him lick your boobs, but don't allow him to touch the nipples.
 Get over him and put face between your boobs, he is not allowed to move or to lick.

Cock teasing:

 Edge him using only your tongue
 Give him some jerk off instruction!
 Tie him and give him a very long tease and denial session.
 Ride his cock and don’t move. Simply masturbate while he must stay still.
 Let him fuck your pussy how he want to for as long as he want.. but never allow him to cum.
 Edge him once with your hand, give him a break, edge him once with your tits, give him a break… do this with as many body parts as possible.
 Ride his cock but don’t move at all for a few minutes, he is not allowed to move. When you are too horny and you want to be pleased, jump on his face.
 Strip him, make out with him, let him eat your pussy… be a nymphomaniac! But as soon as it’s his turn, lick his cock a few times than put your clothes back on while thanking him for all the pleasure he gave you.
 Tease him how you want to but ask him to tell how he feel (1 is not excited, 9 is I will cum very soon, 10 too late I’m cumming ). Tease him several times, the first time tease him until he it 7, second time 8, third time 9… the fourth time he will expect an orgasm but it will be time to stop.

Ruined orgasms:

 Ask him to masturbate than make him ruin his own orgasm
 Masturbate him to the edge a few times than ruin his orgasm.
 Once he pass the point of no return, drop a bucket of ice on his cock.
 Ride his cock, once he start to cum get off him and let him cum on his belly
 Lick his cock until he pass the point of no return than stop while he cum so close to your mouth.
 Tie him, tease him for a while, promise him that you will let  him cum, ask him to cum for you… at the last moment ruin his anticipated orgasm!

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I can teaches partners to give their partners

Teasing and denial + Techniques handjob + Prostate massage + Testicle Massage

that can be help sustain relationships.

This course for woman and man who wish learn a professional for your husband or boyfriend it is also suitable for people who want to spend an amazing time with their own partners. 
Previous massage experience is not compulsory.

Cost and booking : 6,000 baht 2 hours.

Cost and booking : 12,000 baht 4 hours.

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