(“•˘З˘•)Weird My Freelance


Suck and Kiss my dirty feets 
 1,000 Baht
1 Hour.
Dinner together
1,000-1,500 Baht

Recommend and  Shopping for help carry
1,500 Baht

Foreigner pay me for take him go to very nice Hospital check HIV
 500 baht

Use belt hit his back so hard and take picture show him
1,000 Baht

Hit so hard his face and hit balls make make  him cry
1,000 Baht.

Sell sexy picture 1 photo  30 Baht Minimum 10 photos

Show my body on Skype  30 minute /30 dollors

Get  bad smell for my period  (Once Per month)
1,000 baht
1 Hour.
Lazy for walking buy something for the shop (not far) or 7-11  / Travel
 1,000-1,500 Baht

Drinking My Urine on Your Face
 1,000 Baht
 1 Hour
Someone want to eat my poo also pay me  2,000 baht But I SAID “NO”

Sent letters and flowers  to your Lover
( Extra money for buy flowers 1,000 Baht )**
2,000 Baht

**This Service I mean u not live in bangkok Thailand and sent all detail to my e-mail for print and take photos for show you when I go to there and will sent all detail , feedback & Photos to u.