(✿◠‿◠)Work Experience

Work Experience

My first work for the government
(Coastal Fisheries Research And Development Center , Rayong)

2 years I worked for 4,500 baht per month, but then I got pregnant.

After that I found a job at a factory, because I need money,

(Bangkok Polyester Public Company Limited)

but I only got 5,500 baht per month.

I worked there for 2.5 years until an export company called me and offered me 
A salary of 12,000 baht per month!

(wow that is good for me because I will know more and learn English), 

But after 2 months God was kidding with me. 

One day it was raining very hard, I couldn't go to work for 20 minutes,

So the big boss called me and said "Don't come to work" 

Because he found someone else to take my job. 

(After this bad experience, I am never late for work again)

My life was very bad, I couldn't find a new job, and I didn't work for 4 months. 

But then I found work again! About document control.

And I felt very happy with this job.

The company was very good and supported me. 

(Thai-Scandic Steel Co.,Ltd)

Free food (that I liked a lot!) and helped to pay my apartment ,hospital and etc...

I worked for 2.5 years,

But then my Thai boyfriend broke up with me and left me with a lot of debt.

 I could not stay at the same place anymore, because it felt sad and bad.

4 years ago I had a new plan for jobs in Bangkok, 

But at my new company I got only 7,000 baht per monthThat it not enough for me, 

Because I have a son to take care .

Reason why start do Massage.

So I got an idea from internet 

And tried to work massage after work everyday (outcall)

I think it pays more than the company!

Now I have a lot of experience about massage.

I need to say thank you to all my customers I had before. 

They helped me get jobs and taught me everything about being smart and speaking English.

Now I work massage, tour guide and freelance.

I have this website because I want to find good customers who respect me and my jobs.